Hi there! I’m Aqib Ahmad Khan, and I’m really excited to tell you a bit about myself and my journey so far. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering (B. Tech in CSE), which shows just how much I love technology and all the amazing things it can do.

My journey into the world of work started when I got into web development. Right now, I’m a web developer, and I absolutely love what I do. It’s like turning my education into something real and practical. I know a lot about computer science, and I use that knowledge to make websites come alive. I work with different coding languages and tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and react to make websites look and work great.

But that’s not all! Besides being a web developer, I’ve also started doing something new and really exciting. I’m a huge fan of nature, so I’ve started blogging about it. I made a website called “Natural Pen Writers” where I write about nature and all the amazing things around us. I want to share my love for nature with others and create a community where we can all appreciate the beauty of the world.

I’ve even jumped into the world of online business. I’m all about adapting to new things, so I’ve started my own online store. It’s like a digital shop where I sell things. I’m combining my tech skills with my creative side to make this store really unique and special.

As a web developer, I’m not just a coder. I’m a problem solver and a creator too. If there’s something tricky going on with a website, I’m the one who figures it out. And I don’t just make websites work; I make them work amazingly well. I even use something called React, which helps me design websites that look super cool and are easy to use.

Web development is always changing, and I’m always learning and growing. Every project I take on is a chance for me to learn new things and come up with innovative ideas. I’m really excited about all the new challenges and opportunities that will come my way. Whether it’s working on websites or writing about nature, I’m ready to take on whatever comes next.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a bit about me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Best wishes,
Aqib Ahmad Khan